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August 29, 2006


tj welsh

I understand you're British. Do you stir up crap over there as well? Or do you get your jollies here and run home when it heats up? Most Americans are sheep when it comes to controversy and it's sad. Otherwise, things wouldn't be as they are. I agree with accepting immigrants to our wonderful country. It's who we are. But can you tell me of another country that bends over and takes it up the wazoo like the U.S.? The song remains the same, the flag remains the same; or America: Leave it.

Julio Sequeira

I am an immigrant to this country. I am now a US citizen. As a Latino I find this version of the Star Spangled Banner very disrespectful. Other Latinos that support this song should think about this, como se sintieran si llegaran gente de otro pais, digamos los Estados Unidos y hagan una version de sus himno en ingles?? Seria una falta de respeto. Por ejemplo, "Mexicans to the war cry" oh "Save thee Nicaragua".


thank you for creating a Spanish version of the national anthem. it is one more step in the right direction to show this country and the world that there ARE latinos in the United States. that the vast majority of us are here legally, that we have rights too, and that we will no longer be swept under the rug. i have to say, before i heard this version the only version of the anthem i could tolerate was whitney houston's. this version brought me to tears.

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